Gather Stars enables organizations to get greater functionality from data assets, regardless of where the data is stored or what format it is in, with a focus on communications.

Many business processes occur outside of standard workflows. It is here that communications and relationships are incredibly important, yet can only be identified by experienced humans.

Current Situation

“Although we live in an information technology age, we often find ourselves in failure to communicate situations.”

Johnny Tan
  • Business uses software such as SAP, Salesforce and CRMs to track business processes
  • Such software is very good for normal workflows
  • But much communication actually happens via email, IM, voice
  • Communication and relationships inadequately monitored

Communications Problems

“When people talk listen completely. Most people never listen.”

Ernest Hemingway
  • All problems handled by human interaction – few tools to assist
  • Relationships are difficult to track
  • Information is lost or omitted
  • Customer sentiment is unknown
  • Failure to predict or preempt issues or identify opportunities
  • Data is unstructured (Email, Instant Messaging, Voice)

Gather Stars

Natural Language Processing

We use advanced AI and machine learning to monitor unstructured communications and relationships, pre-empt problems, and identify opportunities.

  • Not just pattern matching
  • “Understands” the contents of documents, including the contextual nuances of the language 
  • Identifies topics, people, companies, products, etc.
  • Recognizes sentiment and tone
  • Multilingual

“We take communication for granted because we do it so frequently, but it’s actually a complex process.”

Joseph Sommerville

Data Processing

  • GSAI monitors
    • Email 
    • IM 
    • Voice 
    • SAP and other CRMs
  • Auto-detects exceptions, opportunities and makes predictions
  • Continuously extracts information via GS NLP

Information Extraction and Graphing 

  • Extract data points in context using GS NLP
    • e.g: order numbers, people, companies, topics, subject, …
  • Analyze hundreds of sentiments
  • Construct massive relationship graphs
  • Flag potential cultural differences


GSAI’s core includes the following features as standard. Industry-specific models are being developed to expand on this functionality.

Action Identification and Monitoring

  • Suggests meetings, participants, times, subjects, agendas
  • Recommends communications content
  • Monitors communications to ensure they are going in the “right” direction
  • Prevent overuse of CC:, tied to summarisation feature

Summary Builder

  • Creates daily/weekly/monthly/custom summaries of communications
  • Users can opt-in to summaries instead of being CC’d
  • Generates summaries, including general sentiment of all communications, sales communications, shipment communications, major problems, successes, etc., before meetings or upon request
  • Generate skeleton of employee review points
  • Summarizes attachments

Communications Analyser

  • Auto-generates organization chart
  • Auto-generates relationship and communication heat maps
  • Compares expected and actual communications
  • Identifies bottlenecks and their causes, provides summaries and recommendations
  • Identifies potential personal problems through abrupt changes in communication patterns and sentiment

Recommendations Engine

  • Recommends introductions and teams based on relationship and communication analysis
  • Recommends email/IM content based upon previous successful communications
  • Recommends inclusion of external data based upon body content
  • Alerts management to potential issues before they escalate

HR Tools

  • Prevent communications involving racism, misogyny, bullying, etc.
  • Can notify HR
  • Provide overall assessment of individual, department, company

E-Mail Tools

  • Prevents gaffes including:
    • Incorrect recipient
    • Employee not authorized to release information 
    • Press releases being sent too early
    • NSFW content or content that does not meet company policy guidelines
  • Detect phishing emails, malicious attachments
  • Data extraction and form filling from email signatures and body content
  • AI driven search function with natural language interface
  • Add-ins to standard email interfaces such as G Suite (Google Workspace) and Office 365/Outlook

White Papers

A selection of white papers explaining our solutions in greater detail with real world examples: